Here are some front-ends in various stages of development:

  • xi-mac, the official macOS front-end.

  • fuchsia/xi, a front-end in Flutter for Fuchsia.

  • xi-gtk, a GTK+ front-end.

  • xi-term, a text UI.

  • xi-electron, a cross-platform front-end based on web-technologies.

  • Tau, a GTK+ front-end written in Rust. Forked from, which was abandoned.

  • xi-win, an experimental Windows front-end written in Rust.

  • kod, a terminal frontend written in Golang.

  • xi-qt, a Qt front-end.

  • vixi, a Vim like front-end in Rust.

The following are currently inactive, based on earlier versions of the front-end protocol, but perhaps could be revitalized: